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Stem cells are a unique, powerful type of cell present in each of our bodies that fight disease, repair damage and re-grow important cells such as those necessary for the growth of skin and hair.

Recently, the experts in stem cell science have conducted ground-breaking hair growth studies that document the important role stem cells—and stem cell therapy—can play in restoring hair to individuals experiencing hair loss or thinning, through the innovative new process of hair replacement therapy.

Stems cells are mainly found within the bone marrow in your body, but they are present throughout the body, traveling throughout the system to the organs and skin to renew the body’s functions. Sometimes lying dormant for long periods of time, stem cells are the body’s main defense against damage and cell death.

Stem cells are the only type of cell within the human body that can develop into another type of cell as they divide, making them the most versatile cell known to the human system.

Many of the diseases we’re familiar with are caused by an underlying problem with stem cell regeneration. These, and other conditions caused by a deficiency of stem cells—such hair loss—can be treated using a process called stem cell therapy, which adds beneficial stem cells to the area needing treatment and stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal itself by renewing the area and creating new growth.


    Supplement – About five days prior to your procedure, you begin taking Biostem Support, a supplement formulated in association with leading researchers from a major southern Florida university. This completely natural nutraceutical enhances your body’s ability to produce and release adult stem cells which results in the presence of more cells in your blood on the day of your procedure.

    Collection – Your blood will be collected via a small cannula from your vein. Your stem cells are harvested and processed at a state-of-the-art, laboratory facility. Special laboratory technology is used to separate the platelet rich plasma containing your stem cells and growth factors from your blood. 

    In The Office – You’ll return for your in-office procedure, conducted by a Board-Certified MD. Your own blood is injected back into your scalp targeting the areas where your current hair growth is diminishing. You leave our clinic looking no different in appearance than when you came in. The entire procedure takes about an hour and is virtually painless. You can resume normal daily activity immediately upon leaving the clinic. 

    Post-Procedure – A special follow-up regimen will help ensure that you receive the maximum results possible. You’ll discuss the use of hair rejuvenation supplements with our physician, and you’ll be given SLS-free topical nutrition and cleanser. 

    Laser Therapy – Low-Level Laser Therapy, an FDA-approved technology, is included with your PRP package to promote hair rejuvenation and an increase in hair count. You’ll return to our clinic on a regular basis as recommended by our clinical staff.

Stem Cell Video

Dr. Paul R. Sanberg, Ph.D, D.Sc explains in the video below how stem cells are important to the function of the human body and how therapies can be used to change the lives of those struggling with disease or conditions such as hair loss.